Sets (Stapler & Hole Punch)

El Casco desk sets are an unparalleled opportunity to get two beautiful pieces, a stapler and a 2-hole punch of the highest quality and finish. Packaged in an elegant box is also an excellent gift.

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  1. Set de Grapadora M-15 y Perforador M-200  Acabado en Oro | El Casco SET-8L

    Stapler & Hole Punch SET-8L

    23 kt gold

    Regular Price: 500.00€

    Special Price: 450.00€

  2. Set de regalo perforador de papel y grapadora El Casco SET-7L

    Stapler & Hole Punch SET-7L

    23 kt gold

    Regular Price: 460.00€

    Special Price: 414.00€

2 Item(s)