Pencil Sharpeners

In both options, crank handle or vertical feeding, El Casco iconic pencil sharpeners are the same as Rolls Royce means regarding cars.

Design, precision, and craftsmanship. Finished in different combinations of bright chrome, 23k gold, and black in order to suit all tastes, styles and desks.

The perfect care for your appreciated graphite or colored pencils.

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  1. Pencil Sharpener M-435 LN

    Pencil Sharpener M-435 LN

    23 kt gold and black

    Regular Price: 160.00€

    Special Price: 144.00€

  2. Pencil Sharpener M-430 LN

    Pencil Sharpener M-430 LN

    23 kt gold and black

    Regular Price: 470.00€

    Special Price: 423.00€

2 Item(s)