Desk Staplers

Discover El Casco most iconic desk staplers. Tradition, design, precision, craftsmanship, style and functionality on your desk.

Hand polished and finished in different combinations of bright chrome, 23k gold, black and grey in order to suit all tastes, styles and desks.

3 Item(s)

  1. Desk Stapler M-30 CG

    Desk Stapler M-30 CG

    Shiny chrome and grey

    140.00€ Shipping costs included

  2. Desk Stapler M-10 CG

    Desk Stapler M-10 CG

    Shiny chrome and grey

    130.00€ Shipping costs included

  3. Desk Stapler M-1 CG

    Desk Stapler M-1 CG

    Shiny chrome and grey

    110.00€ Shipping costs included

3 Item(s)