El Casco has been developed following an accessible design and programming, with the aim of ensuring universal access to as many users as possible.

These criteria are based on the recommendations WCAG/WAI World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international consortium that is responsible for supervision of Internet technologies and standards. At all times we have applied the double-A (AA) accessibility referred to in these recommendations.

Similarly, the source code for this website has been developed using XHTML and CSS2, technologies recommended by the W3C for the correct independent display of navigation devices and adequate separation between style and content.

Text size and interface

Following established accessibility criteria, the website has been adapted for people with difficulties in the perception of colors. Likewise, all font sizes and other elements of the site have been implemented using relative units.

In this way, you can resize it using the controls of each browser. In addition to using the corresponding menu, this feature can be used directly by the following shortcuts:

  • Internet Explorer:Control and Mouse Wheel.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Control and Mouse Wheel, Control and - or Control and +.
  • Opera: Control and Mouse Wheel, Control and - or Control and +.
  • Chrome: Control and Mouse Wheel, Control and - or Control and +.
  • Safari: Control and - or Control and +.

Exceptions to accessibility

For technical impediments or requirements of the applications used, some of the content offered on the site may not meet accessibility guidelines previously discussed.