Luxury Desk Accessories

El Casco offers a wide range of Luxury Desk Accessories made in Basque Country, Spain. Mechanic reliability and finish quality are essential in our work.

High quality and beautifully designed items that make a difference in any desk or office, as a special gift or for business or corporate gifts.

Discover El Casco exclusive products in different combinations of bright chrome, 23k gold, black and grey in order to suit any style.

4 Item(s)

  1. Turtle (Paperweight & Bell) M-700L

    Turtle (Paperweight & Bell) M-700L

    23 kt gold

    305.00€ VAT and shipping costs included

  2. Set de Grapadora M-10 y Perforador M-200  Acabado en Negro y Oro | El Casco SET-4LN

    Stapler & Hole Punch SET-4LN

    23 kt gold and black

    315.00€ VAT and shipping costs included

  3. Plier Stapler M-85 L

    Plier Stapler M-85 L

    23 kt gold

    325.00€ VAT and shipping costs included

  4. Letter tray M-673CN

    Letter tray M-673CN

    Shiny chrome and black

    330.00€ VAT and shipping costs included

4 Item(s)